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Free Download Sinha Fonts & Sinhala Fonts Related Software
August 29, 2011, 7:38 am
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Free Download Sinha Fonts & Sinhala Fonts Related Software

Free Download Sinha Fonts & Sinhala Fonts Related Software

Most wanted Sinhala FontsFree Download

# Iskoola Pota (iskpota.ttf)
# Dinamina (dina-b-3.ttf)
# Malithi Web (FM-MalithiUW46.ttf)
# Akshar Unicode (akshar.ttf)
# Potha Unicode Font
# Kaputa Unicode Font
# Kandy Unicode Font
# Sarasavi Unicode
# UCSC online Font Converter
# Sinhala Unicode and Browser/OS support info
# Unicode Keyboard Layout
# FREE Madura Dictionary
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